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Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

Oct 7, 2015

It’s Wednesday again…already?! A few things that are on my mind this week…

1. Love the ingredients tag placed on each bridal bouquet by Noeleen Ross of The Basement Florist. It reads: “Your bouquet contains…” (image courtesy of Binky Nixon Photography)

The Basement Florist | Binky Nixon Photography

2. Don’t miss your chance to explore the Flower House in Detroit on October 16, 17 & 18.  For just 3 days, a team of 27 florists from across the country (and Canada!) are going to fill a formerly abandoned Detroit house with American-grown fresh flowers and living plants. When the exhibition is over, the house will be responsibly deconstructed to make way for a flower farm for pot & box (a floral business owned by Flower House founder Lisa Waud). I’m excited to watch as so many special flower friends come together to work on this project. The public is invited to explore what promises to be an epic installation by some of the industry’s finest floral artists. (images courtesy of Heather Saunders Photography)

For information on tickets, click here.

Flower House Detroit

Flower House Detroit

Flower House Detroit

Flower House Detroit

Flower House Detroit

3. G Page Flowers just keeps blowing me away with the products they post. Follow their Instagram feed for some serious wow! Here are a few of my favorites lately (top to bottom): ranunculus, lisianthus, ‘Free Spirit’ rose, and ‘Cappuccino’ rose.

Ranunculus | G Page Flowers  Lisianthus | G Page Flowers

Free Spirit rose | G Page Flowers

Cappuccino rose | G Page Flowers

4. Keep running across floral tie backs while researching other post topics and finally thought I better start saving them to share with you…just so beautiful! They say ‘luxury’ to me.

Floral tie backs | Sweet Magnolia | Joseph West Photography

Sweet Magnolia | Joseph West Photography

Floral tie backs | Yvonne Design  | Rebecca Arthurs Photography

Yvonne Design | Rebecca Arthurs Photography 

Floral tie backs | Cebolla Fine Flowers | Margie Woods Brown Photography

Cebolla Fine Flowers | Margie Woods Brown Photography

Floral tie backs | Mindy Rice Design | Megan Sorel Photography

Mindy Rice Design | Megan Sorel Photography

5. Love this unique packaging from Blossom Alliance!

Blossom Alliance



  1. Well you pulled this post off beautifully!! You are amazing

  2. WDW posts are my second favorite posts you write. My first favorite are any posts that feature my work. xoxo You are the best Amy!


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