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Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

Sep 16, 2015

Sometimes I feel like I need a day to catch up with you and tell you about some of the things I’ve been piling up on my desk to share with you! Today is that day…

1) Someone told me about a book I plan to read as soon as the library patron who has it (and it’s overdue!) returns it to the library. As a creative person, I’ve always struggled with taking the risks needed to truly indulge my creativity. The fear of making a mistake and having others say “I told you so” or “You should have taken more time and planned better” is sometimes greater than risking failure for the possibility of success. So, I’m looking forward to reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott this fall.

“What if you wake up some day, and you’re 65… and you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life?”Bird by Bird

2) This ribbon! Have you heard of Silk & Tincture? Lots of beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon, but this is my favorite…Carrara marbleized silk!

Silk & Tincture | Carrara Silk Ribbon

3) How many times have you dreamed up a custom piece, but scrapped the idea because you didn’t have enough time to figure out how to build it? Frames for Florists by Stems UK will build a frame to your specifications or you can choose one from their current stock. Check out their Instagram feed (click here) to see what they’ve been up to recently.

Frames for Florists | Racing Bicycle

4) Check out this amazing before and after from our friends at Flowerbazar!

Before and After | Flowerbazar

Before and After | Flowerbazar1

5) Love the ‘Delivery Style’ of DIRT

Delivery | DIRT

Delivery Van | DIRT

6) Love the inspiring work space and consultation area at Grow Marketing!  | Upstairs Conference Room  | Upstairs Workspace | Reception

7) I saw this Quicksand rose on Flora’s IG feed recently and realized I just never get tired of it! Every time I see it, I love it as much as I did the very first time…

Quicksand rose via Flora Ashville

8) Recently, I’ve been yearning for time to ‘just be’ in nature away from social media and responsibilities. I was thinking about the pull I was feeling one afternoon and remembered the school field trips I took as a child to the Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta. We walked on trails through the forest looking at plants and wildlife as we listened to the guide point out all sorts of interesting info (pretty sure I wasn’t listening to most of it). I can remember the woodsy smells and the sounds of bugs and birds. As I daydreamed about those days, I began to realize that some of my passion for botanical things was probably born on those trips.

Ironically, at times it seems my professional floristry journey takes me further from the source of my original passion as I get busier and busier with day-to-day tasks of running a business and getting a job done. I know many of you feel the same way because I receive messages on a regular basis mentioning similar sentiments.

So, last weekend I set aside time on Sunday to go for a nature walk. The ‘old fashioned’ kind. No cell phone or ear buds pumping music. Silence. And I looked. Hard. At everything. And, then, unlike my days as an elementary school student on a field trip to a protected area, I allowed myself to gather a few treasures from the walk and bring them home. I took pictures to share with you guys and then gathered them into small vignettes around the house to remind me during another hectic week to remember the source of the passion that drives me…God’s unbelievable creation.

If you’d like to join me this week, I’d love to see what you find in your neck of the woods (or beach)! Simply take a picture and post with #BBNatureWalk. No worries…doesn’t have to be on Sunday. No rules. Just get out there and enjoy!

BB Nature Walk Sundays in September

Just a few of my treasures from last Sunday…

BB Nature Walk

BB Nature Walk

Hope you have a beautiful and creatively productive day! You all mean the world to me!



  1. Amanda Mae says:

    Love today’s post Amy! Thank you for the book recommendation. I look forward to reading it. The desire for perfection holds me back often. And #BBNatureWalk is in my future!!!! Love love love it.

    • Amy McGee says:

      Hey Amanda! So good to hear from you! Can’t wait to see what you find on your nature walk…can already imagine some found pieces incorporated into one of your gorgeous floral designs. Many of your designs ARE perfection to me!

  2. Michelle says:

    This post was so inspiring to me! I have also been getting bogged down by “life” and “to-do’s” and haven’t had a chance to really experience the things I used to enjoy! I might look up that book as well! Thanks!


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