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Working Designer Wednesday: Floral Cooler Care

Aug 31, 2011

Now here’s a blah subject…but, I think it might be worth discussing because I’m realizing how many florists have questions about their coolers…let’s face it, we would all rather spend our time designing than cleaning the walls of the cooler, right? So, let’s just hit the basics first…then you can email me with your own ideas and personal tales of cooler care…

1. Make sure the temperature inside your cooler stays between 34-36 degrees with 90% relative humidity.

2. Clean the inside walls, floor and shelves once/week. I know some people use a weak bleach/water solution to clean the cooler and others use a commercial cleaner like DCD. What do you use?

3. Do not store food in the cooler…especially fruits as they produce ethylene gas that shortens the life of cut flowers.

4. Change the preservative solution in your flower buckets regularly…at least every three days.

5.  Remove dead/dying flowers and foliage from cooler promptly.

6. Clean buckets and vases after every use.

Ok, here’s the part where you agree or disagree with my list…and leave us comments full of insightfulness on cooler care.

vfGetInspired_SlideShow_22 rountree flowers

image via Rountree Flowers

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Tho bleach water is ok. it’s not recommended. Floralife makes a great industrial bucket cleaner and I use it in the cooler too.. also REMEMBER to clean all your tools when your working.. 🙂 a must for healthy long life of flowers..Just my 2 cents..

  2. Chuck Graham says:

    We use DCD in our shop. I also recently learned that if you are a designer who throws all you leaves and stems on the floor when designing that you are increasing the chances of bacteria in your walk in cooler because of the degraded floral material on the bottom of you shoes.

  3. Great advice, and a subject that is well worth covering. Everything clean is so very important! I like to keep my trash can right next to me and cut stems right into it so nothing goes on the floor. Then empty trash regularly to prevent ethylene gases. Using DCD, no worries for bleached clothes 🙂

  4. anastasia says:

    I use a bleach solution for scrubbing buckets and my cooler, followed by a good rinse. When I first picked my cooler up, it was a serious project–the past owner had it setting on her porch. I think I scrubbed and vacuumed for a week straight. I do need to get a new thermometer and humidity gauge for mine, though.

  5. Great post! Would love to see a post about sharpening and cleaning properly my shears and knives. They get dull easily


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