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Working Designer Wednesday

Feb 26, 2014

It’s Wednesday again! Can you believe how fast these weeks fly by? Hope your week has been productive so far. Here’s what I’m loving this week…

1. A jar of happiness…from Darling & Wild

wednesday darling & wild 1508508_741846535828358_1594086_n

2. Studios on wheels…

wednesday 1656025_630220533681266_674837281_n gypsy wagon gypsy floral and events

Gypsy Floral & Events (Sunni & Emily)

shop on wheels tara grand by the bloom image1

By the Bloom (Tara Grand)

3. The most incredible presentation of professional images from a photographer (Jodi Miller) to a floral designer (Holly Chapple) that I’ve ever seen….complete with a beautifully lettered card and a CD of Holly’s floral designs…

wednesday 531941_10151951708032975_963974097_n holly chapple and jodi miller photo images, card and cd

4. A flowered tree trunk…from By Appointment Only Design

tree SSC_0438-e1340748816627 by appointment only design

5. Rustic studio spaces…

studio 530464_191030854369583_319234848_n the garden gate flower company

The Garden Gate Flower Company

studio 1234167_10151646905168207_1444923031_n broadturn farm

Broadturn Farm

studio chestnut & vine floral design 1185320_644357222249935_888445164_n

Chestnut & Vine

studio I7aANM2uVVcosm24pHFaVKemNKs5Th76gCN8ABT3rZYNHKWrnZUlU1oCm-0KTYNR03yoXpnqJztDtkE2vjGbpc71-XYheSnmFs9LX1L6RXdaM7wEik47kK_xcMbUsRboM Erin Bell Photography adn ashley fox

studio ZNbJxPwh-juhiM6lOTnMEyLVauK0TFLG_Dz6AXYrQ3omCuMiXHNHNVVnVakk14G73Dz6fGbtqzt8X3Rug0iYjYACga46BYcuDhUAzH8OPw42Dq2xwdeOMMM3jwivb83ZIsVV5UqQf649MbE0HZ-8whTFTzKLF_pkeMb3suPrE7F8 Erin Bell Photography and ashley fox

studio wki-AbT4Fh5QYtdhUugknZhO4yJjfvDLEHoTExTntisbrgjNYWQCouNRGUpKJYL7c5HU__cjAvgQBJn9FIPDfIjEi6c5b0iSkmO5XuYGMlNd7JF7-BKuuD_OexL1EKDbogtXMG7B3fGeG_Zb-ivWyFvE4vlAE_45EbOXpeE Erin Bell Photography and ashley fox

Ashley Fox Designs and Erin Bell Photography

studio stevejamie_221_$!400x sinclair-moore-studio-with-belathee-photography

studio stevejamie_7_$!400x sinclair-moore-studio-with-belathee-photography

Sinclair & Moore Events and Belathee Photography

6. Sweet shop dogs…

shop dogs 559322_10151878639190734_1654888890_n Posh Pup

Posh Floral Designs

shop dogs 1000248_10151599790614537_1935942410_n Kiwi at Fleur chicago


shop dogs 1010411_541747529223473_1829559178_n Heidi at Fleuropean


7. Beautiful presentations…

presentation 1618603_665503736825127_1889766986_n tim robison ceative and floressence flowers eatherley

Floressence and Tim Robison Creative

presentation bouquet with flower meaning attached 1005645_571896419527679_1536114622_n glorious twelve

Glorious Twelve (card with flower meaning)

presentation bouquets  Azuree Wiitala Photography and cori cook Peach Juliet Garden Rose LC

Cori Cook Floral Design and Azuree Wiitala Photography

presentation kwedar_blueeyebrowneye_annaroutphotography__006 blue eye brown eye and  Daniel Davis photo

Blue Eye Brown Eye

presentation mason jar bouquets  bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Tante Mali says:

    Hi Dears,
    with this beautiful arrangements I’ll have a happy wednesday!
    Thanks a lot
    Have a good time

  2. More shop dogs!!!! more shop rabbits!!!! more shop kitties!!! Gerbils, whatever!!


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