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Working Designer Wednesday

Apr 2, 2014

It’s been too long since we’ve done this!! The last month has been crazy, but I’ve been saving a few things along the way to share with you…

1. Behind the scenes…

behind the senes fleurist flowers by rebecca uhlmann and jen huang photo 10151806_480050922121470_1983784087_n

Fleuriste Flowers by Rebecca Uhlmann and Jen Huang Photography

behind the scenes preston bailey 1623679_10152220961267354_1655736332_n

Preston Bailey team member

behind the scenes love n fresh flowers 1520733_699384920093567_849606226_n

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

behind the scenes laura kuy flowers 10014535_680716151990978_81560940_n

Laura Kuy Flowers

behind the scenes flower shipment b1150281_605484072808144_979839337_n

 BouQuet Fleuriste

designer carmel mt lebanon floral 1260885_742645392436419_596422468_n

Carmel of Mt. Lebanon Floral

2. Super sophisticated business cards from The Nouveau Romantics…read about them here.


3. Check out these designers…

designer alex exquisite design chicagp 1780830_10152062091709807_2112770028_n

Alex Jusino of Exquisite Designs and The Flower School of Chicago

designer janna avery visio photo 1970407_10202317139224533_1853651045_n

Janna at Callista Designs

designer mike hines signature 1186211_533300690077697_66531774_n

Mike Hines Signature

designer thistle and honey CAIMG_5703

Shannon at Thistle and Honey

designers bows and arrows 1656040_10152267308585522_409629315_n

Adam & Alicia at Bows and Arrows

4. Florrie & Eve, the new collaboration between Nadia Di Tullio  and Penelope Mitchell…offers perpetual headpieces, halos and corsages.

Florrie & Eve co-Founder Nadia Di Tullio says…

“Many of my brides wear a fresh floral hair piece created just a few hours before the wedding ceremony, and while these provide the ultimate finishing touch to the brides attire there is no way of knowing what the piece will be like until it arrives that morning. The designs created at Florrie & Eve mean each bride can try her accessories ahead of the big day, ensuring that the hair and gown can be styled to her exact wishes. Our perpetual pieces benefit from the flexibility of floristry techniques that allow the pieces to be manipulated to fit and their look ensured on the big day and beyond.”

perpetual PrecompiledPage (1)

5. A few famous moments…

famous 942743_10151801099151972_1443012839_n gayle king and oprah jeff leatham flowers

Oprah & Gayle tweeting the day of Tina Turner’s wedding…flowers by Jeff Leatham

famous actress  Shenae Grimes  1794566_10152312322353534_309219271_n

Shenae Grimes…whoa!


Elizabeth Taylor’s flower crown of white hyacinth and lily of the valley (with Richard Burton)

famous florisity 1604570_733469636665340_348516607_n Andy Cohen and Pink at the Billboard Women in Music event

Pink and Andy Cohen with Florisity flowers at the Billboard Women in Music event

famous justin bimberlake 1235233_10152397494703534_2114659714_n

The ultra romantic wedding of Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

6. A favorite quote this week:

“If you can hear it, then by definition it’s been done before. My best albums have been my writing what I wanted to hear. I feel that again.” – John Mayer

I bet your best designs come when you design what you want to see rather than what you’ve already seen!

7. Signage…

signage 0P1A87741

Mondo Floral Designs

signage 13108pop up shop at pottery barn janie from brides cafe

Janie Medley Flora Design pop-up shop at Pottery Barn

signage 21840_239855277009_4716295_n epoch floral

Epoch Floral

signage 523525_221042278023970_1712188259_n

signage 541391_207655332695998_2117593168_n

Floret Flower Farm

signage 1174949_10151802395404320_1775916366_n chanele rose

 Chanele Rose

signage 1653982_749820225037038_2059738860_n

Jo Flowers

8. Beautiful rose varieties…

varieties SANY4270 'Sombreuil' rose the fishermans cottage blogspot

‘Sombreuil’ (The Fisherman’s Cottage)

varieties Silverstone


variety 'Keira' David Austin rose tulip lesley 1094933_10152259536119144_795390168_n

‘Keira’ David Austin rose (Tulip)

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!




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