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Mar 25, 2015

I’ve always loved the look of a beautifully wrapped gift bouquet, but rarely give them because the recipient has to immediately get the flowers into water before the Texas heat takes a toll on the bouquet. When I met Debbie Demarse who developed the Eco Fresh Bouquet hydrating wrap system, I allowed myself to begin dreaming of beautiful wrapped gift bouquets again…


I’ve been holding onto images of inspiring hand wrapped designs for a while and pulled a few out this week. In order to keep the stems hydrated using the Eco Fresh Bouquet wraps, the paper wrap would have to be extended to the bottom of the stems, but this opens up a world of possibilities! Now I could take a gift bouquet when I visit a friend and enjoy the visit rather than anxiously watching the bouquet out of the corner of my eye as it wilts on the coffee table while we’re trying to visit…or worse yet, having to watch my friend awkwardly dig around for a vase and get the flowers in water before we can drink coffee!

hand wrapped vervain flowers valentinesflowers01


hand wrapped farmgirl flowers 1920508_630305170351859_271495331_n

Farmgirl Flowers

hand wrapped poppies flowers 1662230_586818891395989_1858541283_n

Poppies Flowers

hand wrapped the moss & the rose 16606_10152262071894048_868180203_n

hand wrapped the moss & the rose 546053_10152262071879048_88306574_n

hand wrapped the moss & the rose 1689170_10152262071869048_426883015_n

hand wrapped the moss & the rose 1800217_10152262071889048_314015857_n

The Moss & Rose

hand wrapped

Poppies Flowers


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