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Working Designer Wednesday

Mar 11, 2015

A look inside the world of floral design…behind the scenes david beahm design 10626508_716296578440385_9974484607397339_n

Behind the scenes: David Beahm Design

designer working Helen from 10442983_713042475411500_7582503673965785013_n

Designer at work: Helen from The Flower Mill

farm le jardin blanc 10563045_929963833697229_401827062174224680_n

Cutting Garden: Le Jardin Blanc

storage studio floressence flowers eatherley 11015056_866883766687122_5490647658820770925_n

Stylish studio storage: Florescence

www passionflower sue11043256_917320584986586_4350481683167942193_o

cd passionflower susan and Amanda Dumouchelle photo 10347615_917320708319907_6752136550036859727_n

www passionflower and Amanda Dumouchelle. photo 11042994_917320661653245_8836167554305367298_n

Sketch to reality…a garland headpiece inspired by the figure 8 shaped infinity symbol: Passionflower | Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

lk1 1503287_852596231469635_3222760875484873132_n

lk2 10968534_852596254802966_4687422369506044331_n

lk3 10665889_852596324802959_2072149744324684331_n

lk4 10168209_852596378136287_3212595760287143025_n

lk5 10407130_852596471469611_1831121498822251621_n

lk 6 9007_852596531469605_6775419016376545330_n

lk 7 10941128_852596598136265_3427185047876691939_n

Creating a rose arch: Laura Kuy Flowers



  1. Josephine

    March 11th, 2015 at 10:41 am

    The arch… wow!

  2. Candice Miller

    March 23rd, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    Where do those fabulous stacking crates come from?? I need those!


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