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Working Designer Wednesday

May 7, 2014

How are you today? Many of you are deep into wedding season with a relentless schedule of weddings, events and consultations. I think of you often. I love watching your artistry and your successes. I feel for you when you experience the crushing weight of the stress in this business or when you suffer a disappointment. And I hope for you to take time occasionally to rest and recharge with your family and friends. Thank you for the inspiration you bring to me and others at Botanical Brouhaha every day.

Hope you have a few minutes to spare. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a few of the flower things I’ve saved to share with you today…

1. Step-by-step instructions for creating a living picture at Sunset.


Thomas J. Story Photography

2. The $10 “Beer and Bouquet” special…at Stems and the Sycamore Bar in Brooklyn.


Nicole Franzen Photography

3.  How to make a nautilus shell out of commodore palm leaves…watch here.

4. Varieties that have caught my eye recently…

variety  acidanthria (common name peacock orchid) northwestnature-styled-07 jess hunter photo and botanique

Acidanthria (common name Peacock orchid) in a bouquet designed by Botanique (Jess Hunter Photography)

variety honeymoon tulips mood flowers 1653887_800822663264866_519449856_n

‘Honeymoon’ tulips (bouquet by Mood Flowers)

varieties grasses pennisetum villosum1238363_505674499506931_99425960_n bathtub gardens

Pennisetum villosum (grown by Bathtub Gardens)

5. Fell instantly in love with the studio space of Fleurish Design Studio

studio fleurish design studio ontario 1609786_740509752628434_896427363_n

studio fleurish design studio ontario11546378_740509825961760_1722464492_n

studio fleurish design studio ontario21545819_740509889295087_1105235843_n

studio fleurish design studio ontario31544978_740509939295082_98668357_n

studio fleurish design studio ontario41524676_740509969295079_588893318_n

studio fleurish design studio ontario61496989_740510045961738_742646194_n

studio fleurish design studio ontario51544499_740510015961741_40005906_n

studio fleurish design studio ontario81528469_740510095961733_1850826957_n

studio fleurish design studio ontario91545957_740510189295057_605672358_n

6. Presentation ideas…

presentation 4-pvcliffsidewedding-1Chris and Kristen Photography and art with nature

Art with Nature and Chris and Kristen Photography

presentation 2012-09-15_Kelly_Brian_0790_low-res Cooper Carras Photography and shotgun floral studio

Shotgun Floral Design and Cooper Carras Photography

presentation 1618603_665503736825127_1889766986_n tim robison ceative and floressence flowers eatherley

Floressence and Tim Robison Creative

presentation blush and bloom and Mike Pochwa photo 1912250_674545575924573_770504420_n

Blush and Bloom and Mike Pochwat Photography

presentation bouquet with flower meaning attached 1005645_571896419527679_1536114622_n glorious twelve

Glorious Twelve (flower meanings attached)

7. Trend?

peacock 7237_567252376664516_1715172849_n HMR Designs and Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

peacock HMR Designs and Nathaniel Edmunds Photography10339757_740462486010170_6907049749405422251_n

HMR Designs and Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

peacock 31601_540392559322040_1693165833_n karen tran and  jennifer Dery Photo

Karen Tran and Jennifer Dery Photography

peacock 374910_341929819167838_60688737_n details details

Details Details

peacock slide2 david kurio design.jpg1

David Kurio Designs

8. Behind the scenes…

behind the scenes 1157658_719650171390113_1562834591_n Melissa Kruse Photo  and L'Oasis floral design and we heart paper (photo)

L’Oasis Floral Design

behind the scenes amy osaba 1969120_10152618082392678_632527401_n

Amy Osaba

behind the scenes ashley fox designs 544903_10151565608902581_1720071915_n

Ashley Fox Designs

behind the scenes blossom alliance anchoring each ball1459691_680912868609955_394274787_n

Blossom Alliance (somebody has to anchor those things!)

behind the scenes daevid at hcf weekend 946387_10151961254987975_1522640131_n


Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!



  1. Janet says:

    I have to get my hands on that Pennisetum villosum!


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