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Oct 21, 2014

A career in the floral industry looks different for each of us and can evolve over the course of years as new interests emerge and new opportunities arise. Today I want to introduce you to two women who have followed unique career paths in our industry.

1. Meet Pam Parker of JP Parker Flowers


Pam Parker owns a unique company in JP Parker Flowers. In addition to two retail locations in Indiana, Pam owns a farm where she and her husband, Larry Tucker, grow many of the flowers used in their retail shops. They are known for their annual crop of more than 20,000 peony stems and 300,000 sunflowers, but the farm also produces smaller plots of delphiniums, larkspur, zinnias, coneflowers, mints, herbs and other greenery.

JP Parker nsidefranklweb


Recently, JP Parker Flowers hosted an open house at the farm and showcased vintage rustic arrangements for weddings. They were kind enough to give us a peek inside the event…

JP ParkerDSC_2908_1

JP Parker DSC_2826_1

JP Parker DSC_2772_1

JP Parker DSC_2692_1

JP Parker DSC_2647

For more information about JP Parker Flowers:



HR News Magazine article

2. Meet Beth O’Reilly, AIFD,TMF


Beth is a 2014 Mayesh Design Star Finalist. Her career in floral design has evolved over the span of many years and included being an event florist/creative director, a full-time freelance designer and developing floral products for a major manufacturing company in China.

cascade james humberson photo and beth oreilly Radiant Orchid-6

Bouquet-4 beth oreilly and

carns beth oreilly and humberson photoBouquet-3

Humberson Photography

Beth created several videos while competing for the 2014 Mayesh Design Star title this year. I thought you might enjoy seeing the mechanics behind some of her designs and she does a beautiful job of explaining them in her video series. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy two of my favorites…

Autumn Floral Feast

Designing a Living Picture

For more information about Beth O’Reilly: article





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