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Aug 13, 2014

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday in Fredericksburg, a favorite spot in the Texas Hill Country. Several years ago I discovered a quaint Fredericksburg flower shop called Sprout on the internet. I can’t even remember how I first ran across it, but I ended up on the Sprout website and blog…and I’ve been going back ever since. While in Fredericksburg, I decided to drop by Sprout and check it out in person. I’m warning you…I only had my phone camera with me. Hope you can overlook the photography…

sprout photo 1

sprout photo 2 (2)

Naomi (right) greeted me as I stepped through the front door. After a brief introduction, she disappeared upstairs and returned with Michelle Hodges (left), the shop owner. One thing led to another and before I knew it we were touring the grounds and sitting down to get acquainted over a pot of hot tea. It felt like we were longtime friends (another reason I love the flower business).

Michelle stocks the Sprout storefront with vases of fresh flowers for sale by the stem, a variety of vessels, beautiful ribbons and lots of gifts including Saipua soaps and sweet aprons. I fell in love with her galvanized metal-topped counter.

sprout photo 3 (6)

sprout photo 2 (7)

sprout photo 3 (2)

sprout2photo 2 (6)

sprout photo 1 (5)

sprout photo 2 (3)

Next, Michelle and Naomi led me out the side door, down the sidewalk and into a beautiful little garden area behind the shop where Michelle grows greenery for her bouquets.

sprout photo 3 (5)

sprout photo 2 (5)

sprout photo 1 (4)

sprout photo 5 (3)

Next, we explored the building behind the shop which serves as a container/prop inventory warehouse and design space during event preparations. This place was a treasure trove!

sprout photo 1 (2)

sprout photo 4 (3)

sprout photo 3 (3)

sprout photo 2 (4)

sprout sprout photo 1 (3)

sprout photo 5 (2)

Seeing the stacks of flower frogs reminded me of one of my favorite Sprout designs…

antlers the nichols and sprout fredericksburg Hil_Eli_blog2

Thanks Michelle and Naomi for welcoming me to Sprout! I’ll be back the next time I’m in town. Thrilled to have two new flower friends…

To see more of Sprout:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  1. Michelle says:

    It was such a delight to have you in my shop, Amy! Thank you for all you do for us working designers!!!

  2. I love the “frog” place card holder! Gorgeous set up with the antlers, etc. Love it!


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