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Working Designer Wednesday

May 21, 2014

Lots of pictures for you today!

1. Before and after…by Love, Lily

before love lily 10277011_10152878559431992_7664314860488792943_n

after love lily 10314687_10152878559481992_7779700481439503954_n

2. Behind the scenes…

behind  the scenes 30 down 15 to go sachi rose 10313821_490456114417154_2877249430663182003_n

Sachi Rose (“30 down 15 to go”)

behind the scenes 1150356_10151764991809144_1057379058_n tulip

Tulip (one of my favorite photos ever)

behind the scenes 1186280_10151947052627975_1373148894_n holly chapple in refrig truck

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers (studio space spilling over into a refrigerated truck on an epic wedding weekend)

behind the scenes foret design 10250304_455656184567173_2075972935890798638_n

Foret Design Studio

behind the scenes designer Ashley-Fox-California-Ashley-Fox-California-0103-1024x682  David Grube Photography

Ashley Fox Designs and David Grube Photography

3. Booth space designs…

booth 999437_641203789237851_1954959900_n the bouquets of ascha jolie

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie

booth 1378859_10151626779796790_638654386_n a garden party florist mary coombs

A Garden Party

booth 1514457_699000906787279_202494637_n

Atelier Carmel

booth at Conde Nast Brides the Show mary jane vaughan1238998_815709985110697_1948731902_n

Mary Jane Vaughn

booth thecreamevent-nyc-rebeccahansenweddings-287  rebecca shepherd floral design

Patina Vintage Rentals

4. Designers to check out…

designer Jolene Wilkinson of Estelle Flowers jolene

Jolene @ Estelle Flowers

designer karen spendido splendid stems IMG_5165

Karen @ Splendid Stems

designer shea_photo_bw-215x324 shea hopely

Shea @ Shea Hopely Flowers

designer susan kelly 157007_10152208729095189_2118252476_n three sisters and Retrospect Images Ginny Silver

Susan @ Three Sisters (Retrospect Images)

designer Tara Bailie 1001366_546994995366034_2088281952_n A Day in Provence

Tara @ A Day in Provence

5. First look…

first look daevid 382544_10101025225746196_188006163_n.jpg steven and lily photography


first look gbs style and  Sara Wight  photo WIGHT_130427_0013

gbc style and Sara Wight Photography

first look the posh posey 10176192_10152633122859879_1744011150926909141_n

The Posh Posey

6. Step-by-step…

How to 1 MG Floral Design FB1613879_632422833505292_4890599145157193660_n

How to 2  MG Floral Design FB10177886_632422853505290_2949119595108593218_n

how to 3 MG Floral Design FB1012571_632423123505263_3261162909292177180_n

how to 4  MG Floral Design FB1526763_632423133505262_5567958435098055643_n

how to 5  MG Floral Design FB1175437_632423176838591_7077959892170454916_n

how to 6  MG Floral Design FB 10259346_632423280171914_1229829808956987258_n

MG Floral Design

7. Labeling…


Clare Day Flowers and Brian Becker Photography

labeling 1654058_682153831835270_711282016_n Lee Garland Wedding Photography and glorious twelve

Glorious Twelve and Lee Garland Wedding Photography

labeling apryl ann photography and bows and arrows peachboutonierres

Bows and Arrows and Apryl Ann Photography

labeling GettingReady060  Marianne Brown Photography and cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design and Marianne Brown Photography

labeling Robert & Kathleen Photographers and blush floral design CT 1969241_733686833317460_1426091351_n

Blush Floral Design and Robert & Kathleen Photographers

8. Pop-Up Shops…

pop up shop passionflower susan mcleary 1901685_10203132431890729_1641847768_n


pop up shop valentines 10751_727207037303757_1640278933_n the moss & rose at bhldn houston

The Moss & Rose

pop up shop valentines gertie maes 1960141_10152205292341071_981839345_n

Gertie Mae’s and Buffy Dekmar Photography

pop up shop valentines ponderosa & thyme at broadway coffee house 1010783_10152205526369154_477566324_n

Ponderosa & Thyme

9. Presentation ideas…

presentation bouquets  Azuree Wiitala Photography and cori cook Peach Juliet Garden Rose LC

Cori Cook Floral Design and Azuree Wiitala Photography

presentation flowres by denise 541431_553836431303550_2049671544_n

Flowers by Denise

presentation kwedar_blueeyebrowneye_annaroutphotography__006 blue eye brown eye and  Daniel Davis photo

Blue Eye Brown Eye and Daniel Davis Photography

presentation park place designs 1501732_10202082985909548_267626301_n

Park Place Design

presentation PieRanch5 r Braedon Flynn photo and the cutting garden

The Cutting Garden and Braedon Flynn Photography

10. Bows styles…

ribbon martha stewart  sc000152c2

Martha Stewart

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Great flower lady

    May 21st, 2014 at 6:44 am

    Love all the photos. Thanks again for shout out!!

  2. Southern Blooms by Pat's Floral Designs

    May 21st, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    The bouquet first looks are the best! Thank you so much for posting those.


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