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Working Designer Wednesday

Aug 28, 2013

Hoping to provide you with some mid-week inspiration. A few of my favorites this week…


1.Bloom That…a San Francisco-based flower delivery service that can deliver a bouquet by bike within 90 minutes! Read about it

bloom that 1


2. Behind the scenes…

behind the scenes 310743_10150444458996203_402470781_n events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom 

behind the scenes 558200_10152169256223868_1988221430_n romance of flowers

Romance of Flowers 

behind the scenes 560830_10151894001397625_295268083_n valley flower company

Valley Flower Company 

behind the scenes 936538_10153113141845447_158766784_n katie and joel and baby color my world

Color My World (Look who’s going to have a baby! Congratulations Katie & Joel)

behind the scenes 1003368_10151592687837536_55107051_n soiree floral

Soiree Floral 

behind the scenes 1098046_10153068629595720_1389850111_n zest



3. Inspiration for organizing your workspace…bet you thought I had forgotten, didn’t you Susan?

studio organizing 9bf0c88964369335dc3bf21d250f0a9b atlanta homes mag

Atlanta Homes

studio organizing  5887274895_db9b7e405a_z saipua


studio organizing 601794_10151642995675935_58732864_n lani at lani elizabeth

Lani Elizabeth (love those ribbon nooks)

studio organizing 1174751_10151513282817364_1830232000_n spruce  flowers and home

Spruce (look at that awesome cooler!)

studio organizing 1240215_584039661638202_952435080_n


studio organizing DSC09875 svenngaarden


Studio-sisu-office-library my scadinavian home

My Scandinavian Home 


4. Terrarium place cards…

terrarium-e1284224767812 the moody fashionista and dream box photo

The Moody Fashionista and Dream Box Photography


5. Designers to watch…

Amy Dunlap @ Amy Lynne Originals

designer 559798_10200860953310287_1885263083_n amy dunlap amy lynne originals


Eden @ The Garden of Eden

designer 20130420_vendorspotlight_eden_002


Margaret Ludwig @ Giverny Design

designer image-margaret-smaller


6. Check out this interview with Sarah Ryhanen (Saipua) …


photo via Winnie Au Photography


7. You’ll be amazed…watch this.


Design Lab Events


8. Flowers for the famous…

Dawn French’s bridal bouquet designed by The Blue Carrot

famous  531988_449846508431889_730258445_n the blue carrot for dawn french and mark bignell


A Valentine’s Day delivery for Beyonce…designed by Ovando

famous 527903_535133346516994_1747639123_n for Beyonce for Valentines Ovando


Wedding flowers designed by Jeff Leatham for Tina Turner’s wedding…hello Oprah and Gayle!

famous 539625_10151828328131972_946844229_n jeff leatham and hello magazine tina turners wedding


9. One big reason you continue enduring the stress of the flower business…

first look 575245_626562092527_1389440638_n (1) flora fauna

Flora Fauna 

The Wedding of Samira and Amir

Toulies en Fleur and Eli Turner Photography

first look 315927_475931859144380_1083234952_n


first look 969477_501151073302663_2146582251_n hello blossoms

Hello Blossoms 

first look 995815_10101646686524040_228463322_n posh

Posh Floral Designs 

first look PewRxnRYE9nM4jA_brGd2tvF32M_sXxWXQWaAD18MS8 erin volante and pure in art photo

Erin Volante Floral and Pure in Art Photography 

first look Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 12.36.51 AM  hens and chicks flowers dot com

Hens and Chicks 


10. Learn to calculate how many flowers it takes to cover a sphere…thanks Mayesh!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!




  1. Rhiannon says:

    Love this entire post!

  2. Susan says:

    Thank you Amy! I knew you wouldn’t forget.


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