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Working Designer Wednesday

Oct 30, 2013

I’m finding it harder and harder to keep these Wednesday posts to a reasonable length! So many things I want to share with you…

1. An upside down idea from Flowers by Bornay…check it out here.


2. Poppies & Posies creates a beautiful fall table arrangement on Design Sponge…see it here.

poppies and posies 16dahlia-500x333

3. Eddie Zaratsian recently released his first book, Custom Florals and Lifestyle, and was kind enough to send over some photos (taken by Marianne Lozano) from the Launch Party! Marianne is the photographer behind the images in Eddie’s book…

eddie 0001

Eddie & Marianne

eddie party 0134

eddie party 0183

eddie party 0145

eddie party 0149

eddie party 0113

eddie party 0109

eddie party 0174

eddie party 0104

eddie party 0142

eddie party 0103

eddie party 0111

Thanks for the peek into the launch party, Eddie and Marianne! Congratulations on the release of Custom Florals and Lifestyle…

4. From Tamara Menges Designs and Joshua Tyi Photography…a magical transformation from ceremony…

before and after 1378584_622845804432411_1322912095_nJoshua Tyi Photography and tamara menges designs

…to reception…

before and after 1379442_622846411099017_537114903_n Joshua Tyi Photography and tamara menges designs

5. Behind the scenes…

behind the scenes 1175590_10151813123029334_380692374_n natural beauties floral

Natural Beauties Floral

behind the scenes 1234763_661447523866911_1169075555_n tinge floral


behind the scenes 1235162_590631214312000_258221427_n mark's garden

Mark’s Garden

behind the scenes 1235416_10151553478271570_838231191_n three sisters flowers

Three Sisters Custom Flowers & Events

behind the scenes 1236128_10151568900065764_938992766_n arrangements


6. Wish the whole world was this honest…Calida and the “honour cooler” at Bathtub Gardens

grower at the honor cooler calida bathtub gardens 097951_495834940490887_695041798_n

7. Labeling with style…

labeling 580437_663648916982370_733651701_n fleurie


labeling 998881_577667658951882_1551006622_n passionflower


labeling 1004629_672292146118346_1222567659_n falcusan photo and fleurology

Liz Rusnac Floral Design and Falcusan Photography

labeling First light Photography - Planet Flowers - Dundas Castle (25)

Planet Flowers and First Light Photography

labeling Untitled stems austin and The Nichols

Stems and The Nichols

I could go on and on and on! I’ll just have to cut it off here…until the next Working Designer Wednesday…

Have a great day, friends!



  1. Mimi

    October 30th, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    I’m glad you think you have too many ideas, because then you’ll have no excuse to stop doing these whimsical Wednesday features.


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