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Working Designer Wednesday

Feb 12, 2014

This is a big week for many of you! Best of luck to you as you prepare for Valentine’s Day!

Just a few quick distractions…and then you can get back to work…

1. Check out this interview with Victoria Clausen (Victoria Clausen Floral Design)…

victoria designer-543577_10150630000961476_46[1]

2. Behind the scenes…

behind the scenes 1208847_610992998923918_61320232_n

BouQuet Fleuriste

behind the scenes 12346_10151954106072975_1356968997_n holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

behind the scenes 1002042_10152068918348536_864487388_n urban earth design studios

Urban Earth Design Studios

behind the scenes 1175323_666570960021126_1301694578_n mondo floral designs

Mondo Floral Designs

behind the scenes 1469905_10152067819041663_1576012396_n jackson durham flowers

Jackson Durham Flowers

3. For those of us that love succulents…the succulent floret chair by Floral Art

succulent floret

4. Oprah was impressed with the stem length on these roses for Cicely Tyson’s birthday…

famous 1622648_10152211313627220_535023312_n birthday roses for cicely tyson

5. I can envision this lace from Lancaster & Cornish on some of the gorgeous bouquets you design…

lace 120950f9-b745-45b8-abbd-da8f1a9847a2

6. Always some of my favorite shots…the first look…

first look  Elena Cone  photo and the southern table Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 12.01.55 AM

The Southern Table and Elena Cone Photography

first look 182379_10151543743630755_1057892232_n  Photography by Gabrielle and Peggy Sherwood

Sherwood Design and Events and Photography by Gabrielle

first look 1456635_555104294564365_2126766692_n fitch & tistle and courtney bowlden photography

Finch & Thistle and Courtney Bowlden Photography

first look 1459778_10150347272599991_1113916695_n adrianne smith floral design

Adrianne Smith Floral Design and Ventana Photography

first look at reception1385372_10152012741778784_1158103082_n K. Holly Photography and modern day floral

Modern Day Floral and K. Holly Photography

7. Mimi from Into the Woods wrote me this week and shared this video from the wedding of Michaela and Joe at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. Into the Woods designed the flowers for this wedding and Mimi wrote: “Every time I see it I cry!” This got me thinking…about the relationships we develop with the couples we serve. We develop a love for them and want to do everything in our power to assure their wedding day is what they dreamed it would be. We love to see their joy. We want to see them realize their hopes for the future with the family they are creating by joining their lives together. There’s so much emotion wrapped up in the bouquets and arrangements we create for these couples. Mimi’s statement reminded me of the depth of connectedness we feel with our brides and grooms. And that’s the way it should be. That’s what gives our work meaning. So, watch the video if you have a few minutes and allow it to remind you of what makes this career fulfilling.

8. Labeling ideas…

labeling  Justin & Mary Marantz photo and blush floral design elisabeth521bcaf95466a$!600x

Blush Floral Design and Justin & Mary Marantz Photography

labeling 1208522_504066069676599_1421764771_n the blue carrot

The Blue Carrot

labeling 1237014_689999694362868_223818164_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers

labeling bows and arrows 1489039_10152183844120522_1644117531_n

Bows and Arrows

labeling kate avery flowers1452481_10151949924895813_1231356360_n

Kate Avery Flowers


Lily and May

labeling portfolio-17-83607703 angelas bella flora and fitzphoto dot com

Angela’s Bella Flora and Fitz Photo

The Wedding of Laura and Stephen at Dalmeny Kirk and Dundas Castle<br />
Photo: First Light Photography

Planet Flowers and First Light Photography

9. Boutonniere presentations…

presentation  PoshBridalLounge-RusticRose-4 Napear Photography  adn sachi rose

Sachi Rose and Napear Photography

presentation art with nature and Ally Michelle Photography 6_Details108 (683x1024)

Art with Nature and Ally Michelle Photography

presentation boutguitar1-500x373  rockrose floral design

Rockrose Floral Design

presentation Genevieve_Derek_Kubota_Gardens_Urban_Light_Studios_2 Jenny Jimenez photo and finch and thistle

Finch & Thistle and Jinny Jeminez Photography

presentation image  Rennard Photography   and studio 3 floral design

Studio 3 Floral Design and Rennard Photography

10. I’m cheering for you as you experience the joy of another Valentine’s Day…

 heart 526154_227570484034777_1482806656_n aka the liitle flower farm au

The Little Flower Farm

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Tom Ellis says:

    So cool to see all the amazing ideas that people dream up for their flowers


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