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Which Bouquet: Part 2

Dec 7, 2015

Last Friday we asked you to submit bouquets for the Nicoletta gown by Hayley Paige | JLM Collection using #bbwhichbouquet and the beautiful bouquets began rolling in! We want to share a few of the bouquets we received here and we’ll be sharing a few more on the BB social media sites. We love this post because it introduces us to some fantastic designers for the first time and also let’s us know what some of our longtime flower friends have been up to lately! Thanks to each of you who submitted bouquets. We appreciate you!

The Dress:


The Bouquets:


pink #bbwhichbouquet

1. Huckleberry Karen Designs (Melanie Duerkopp Photography) 2. Studio Bloom (Lindsay Herbst Photography) 3. Hana Style Designs (Lisa O’Dwyer Photography) 4. Haute Blossoms Floral (Meg Sorel Photography)


blue-lavender #bbwhichbouquet

1. Hanako (Corbin Gurkin Photography) 2. Bloom Bloom 3. Noonan’s Wine Country Designs (Mirelle Carmichael Photography) 4. Bond in Bloom (B. Jones Photography)



  1. Lisa O'Dwyer says:

    So excited to see Hana Style Designs bouquet here!!! She is an artiste and I am so fortunate that I have been able to photograph her work here in Colorado.

  2. […] Style Designs gorgeous pink bouquet is in the running for a competition at Botanical Brouhaha! I photographed this beautiful bouquet by Northern Colorado botanical artiste Hana Style Designs at […]

  3. Alison Ellis says:

    I have to go with #2 in the pinks. Love it.


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