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Which Bouquet, Kate?

Apr 29, 2011

…that’s the question curious floral designers have been contemplating all week. I’ve been up since 4am waiting to see it and…it’s petite!

kate middleton slide_22353_271240_huge 1

…breathtaking bride…


…our first glimpse of the bouquet…


…sophisticated and tailored…and much more manageable than Diana’s dress and bouquet 30 years ago…

kate middleton ROYAL-WEDDING 3

…the trees lining the aisle are the only floral element large enough for me to really see in the TV coverage of Westminster Abbey…

kate middleton ROYAL-WEDDING 4

…Diana would be so proud of her boys…the mom in me is tending to notice the absence of Diana seeing her boy get married more than the flowers…

kate middleton ROYAL-WEDDING 5

…leaving Westminster Abbey…

kat middleton ROYAL-WEDDING

…the newlyweds…

What did you think of The Bouquet? What about the flowers in general? The word that comes to mind for me is…understated…for a Royal Wedding, that is…

I did spot some viburnum, orchids and, what appeared to be, bleeding heart in the green and white altar arrangements. What did you spot?




  1. rhododendrons in the big arrangements too. I loved the trees.

    I thought her bouquet was lovely just not scaled right. Should have been a tad larger.

    Am I the only one CRINGING with the thought of hand wiring and working with LOTV?

  2. Jenny N says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Joan says:

    All the flowers were English-grown flowers including lilac, euphorbia and azaleas. The trees were 6 maples and 2 hornbeams. Her bouquet included lily of the valley and sweet william. Sounds as if she is very much into The Language of Flowers as her wedding cake was decorated with a number of different flowers representing different things.


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