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Which Bouquet?

Nov 16, 2012

The Dress…

wedding dress 577238_504818906195681_744314226_n

wedding dress 69105_505150272829211_1919422785_n

…the Sophie by Sareh Nouri…strapless ball gown…draped bodice…silk organza…

The Bouquet…

Bouquet #1 (Rockrose Floral Design)

69546_10151103366227862_988809341_n rockrose floral design

Bouquet #2 (Imbue Weddings)

267715_10151302694523336_1235285287_n imbue weddings

Bouquet #3 (Flora Fetish)

304440_421337121266306_1558788378_n flora fetish and cory ryan photo

Which would you choose?

Thank you Holly Chapple for introducing me to Sareh Nouri’s beautiful designs…she’s as beautiful as her designs!

Image 3

Happy Weekend!



  1. Susanne, Roses-and-China says:

    Number 2 is gorgeous, but number 3 probably has the edge, being very now.

  2. Tame says:

    I vote for number three. Love those colors…

  3. Bruce says:

    The first would be lost in the dress. I like the third one.

  4. Lesa Atteo says:

    Definitely 2.

    1 blends into the dress.

    3 too much for the dress.

    Thanks to Amy for this beautiful blog page.

  5. Jenny N says:

    #3 for sure! beautiful dress!

  6. bloom boxx says:

    These are all beautiful. But I would go with #2. It’s like Goldilocks and the 3 bears. #1 is too “soft” and round and I think would get lost against the dress. #3 is too harsh a contrast for that dress. #2 is “just right”.

  7. Bloom boxx is right with Goldilocks, #2 is just right, very beautiful. Really they are all just lovely!

  8. Leslie says:

    I like the style of #2 but the colors of #3.I agree #1 is too soft and #3 is too hard but I feel like the color in #2 is kinda too soft as well…hmmmmm

  9. Definitely number three. The colours alone are perfectly classic, romantic and not too muted, nor overpowering.

  10. #3… Perfect colors and contrast in texture. Happy Sunday :o)

  11. Tanya Elise says:

    Tough choice! #3 is my personal fav, but I think #2 is best for the dress.


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