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Which Bouquet?

Apr 12, 2013

The Dress…

wedding dress Olive-Oil_front-682x1024 heidi elnora

wedding dress Olive-Oil_back-682x1024 heidi elnora

…the Olive Oil dress from Heidi Elnora

The Bouquet…

Bouquet #1 (Planet Flowers)

The George Hotel - Planet Flowers (3)

Bouquet #2 (Francoise Weeks)

woodland-bouquet-4-Art-of-Weddings-Françoise-Weeks  Jamie Bosworth

Bouquet #3 (Pompon)

spring-2011-posy pom[on uk

Which would you choose?

Happy Weekend!



  1. jo flowers says:

    Wow! That’s actually quite difficult, as the style bouquet I had in mind isn’t here.
    Firstly the dress is awesome… I think #2 would look nice.. But if I were choosing I’d go for #3. Xx

  2. I have to agree that none of the three were what I had in mind. Call me old-fashioned, but such a long and slimline dress requires a trailing bouquet – maybe white calla lilies or something striking in dark pink…

  3. Mimi says:

    I would go with bouquet #3. I think the dress calls for something that bridges the gap between traditional and modern.

  4. lily bels says:

    I would prefer #3 for that dress, but was thinking more of a trailing bouquet to match the long line of the dress. A posie would be too small.

  5. Betsy Bigler says:

    Bouquet #2…the contrast between the sleek, modern dress and the beautiful, organic and unexpected bouquet would be absolutely stunning…all three are beautiful though!

  6. Holly Rutt says:

    Its got to be Francoise bouquet so intricate and interesting and this sleek dress is the perfect backdrop for it 😉

  7. #2. Francoise’s work will always win in my opinion.
    Plus the simplicity of the dress and the intricacy of the bouquet just works.


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