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What A Floral Designer Does With Leftover Flowers

Aug 23, 2013

…whips up another gorgeous design, of course…

leftovers 17488_353099931483237_107753283_n Fleuriste, Flowers by Rebecca Uhlmann


leftovers 164962_625216240839875_2034102961_n floret cadet

Floret Cadet 

leftovers  249005_10201108061684629_877243518_n sebesta design

Sebesta Design 

leftovers 9354_508945449153870_1455823935_n white antler flowers

White Antler Flowers

leftovers 263111_164828893682068_335369230_n amanda taffinder flowers

Amanda Taffinder Flowers 

leftovers 310102_531706800219129_1363310958_n primary petals

Primary Petals 

leftovers 482438_647874075239308_1610018258_n peartree

Peartree Flowers 

leftovers 923004_10151845132788362_711507854_n aluuring blooms

Alluring Blooms 

leftovers 970141_487787061304500_48704901_n the blue carrot

The Blue Carrot

leftovers 1004782_332598526871001_154965815_n rosegolden flowers

Rosegolden Flowers 

leftovers 1017240_10151427549967581_120247123_n ashley fox designs

Ashley Fox Designs 

leftovers 6609328-21932506-thumbnail natural beauties floral

Natural Beauties Floral 

leftovers oleander floral design Late-Summer-Fall-Loose-Organic-Ivory-Neutral-Herb-Maple-Foliage-Linen-Yarn-Bouquet-Oleander-New-Jersey-Bucks-County-PA-Wedding-Florist-Event-Floral-Design


leftovers 540679_661357407225758_1360690903_n floret cadet

Floret Cadet 

leftovers 970167_337566216369942_4993639_n fleriste flowers by rebecca uhlmann


leftovers 970587_10152015321178362_343672903_n alluring blooms

Alluring Blooms 

leftovers 972151_467920153291191_2138314420_n the blue carrot

The Blue Carrot 

leftovers 1002421_523659644365957_1277269087_n sophisticated floral designs

Sophisticated Floral

leftovers 971421_651390898206738_270138609_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen 

leftovers 1174827_10152097858073362_883125312_n alluring blooms

Alluring Blooms

Do these look like leftovers to you?

Have an amazing weekend!



  1. Gorgeouse! Have a nice weekende!

  2. Amanda Mae says:

    LOVE IT!!! Leftovers are my favorite! They inspire me to create something beautiful with the bits and pieces I’ve got lying around. Thank you for including us!!!! Have a great weekend Amy =)

  3. jan says:

    Loving this blog!


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