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Vintage Tins And Discarded Cans

Dec 30, 2010

Love this trend…easy to recycle cans into something beautiful…fun to hunt estate sales and antique stores for vintage tins…

6a0120a5914b9b970c0134887d6708970c florali blogimage via Florali

DSC_2990-Edit poppies and posiesimage via Poppies and Posies

IMG_4066 meg perottiimage via Meg Perotti Photography

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Matilda-Jane-435-Art-Fair-Dinner cat mayer photoimage via Cat Mayer Photography

PoppiesPosiesTable2 (29 of 54)poppies and posiesimage via Poppies and Posies

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ashley23 Meg Smith Photographyimage via Meg Smith Photography

When I was filling daily orders, I loved to use vintage tins for arrangements…mostly because it gave me a great excuse to visit estate sales and antique stores…while telling my husband I was working! If the tin was deep enough I lined it with cellophane and dropped a glass jar or vase inside to hold the flowers. In smaller tins I was forced to use floral foam. I much preferred using the vase because the recipient could add water (with floral preservative) as needed and the flowers seemed to stay fresh a lot longer. Water can be added to floral foam, but it always seemed a little more confusing to the customer…is that enough water? is that too much water? And I never could get past thinking, “How can the stems take up water as well in foam with the ends of their stems crammed in a piece of foam?” Now, please, Mr. Oasis don’t get mad and email me…there is definitely a NEED for floral foam in designing…just not in every situation…in my humble opinion…

Have a great Thursday!




  1. I love it! So much room for creativity and innovation!

  2. Liz says:

    I totally agree on the vase/foam thing… I’m always a bit nervous to make an arrangement for a client that is expected to LAST for a while. I feel much more confident handing an arrangement over in a vase full of water that, like you said, is much easier for them to replenish the water, etc. I have no hesitation using foam for weddings though, if the design calls for it. he flowers are nice and fresh the day of, no one cares what they look like in 3 days.

    Great photos, as usual 😉

  3. Rosella says:

    Hi – I was googling “how to line vintage tins” and came across your beautiful blog. We are using tins for the centrepieces at our daughter’s wedding in September. What do you use to line the tins that need the oasis or are too small for a jar or vase? I’d love your advice – thanks!
    BTW your arrangements are absolutely beautiful.


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