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Until Today I Would Have Said…

Jan 21, 2010

…I only like bouquets made with REAL flowers!

Then I saw these…

brooch_wedding_boquet1 broachbouquets blogspot image via Fantasy Floral Designs

DSC_0015 broach bouquets blogspot image via Fantasy Floral Designs

unique_bridal_boquets3 wedding chicks image via The Wedding Chicks

What do you think? I am seriously smitten with these bouquets! For the first time, I LOVE a bouquet that is not made with fresh flowers…

Alyssa- I bet Grander has this many broaches in her collection…



  1. What an awesome idea for putting a collection to good use or for honoring a passed loved one! I too love this, although it seems like a lot of bling for the Amy I know and love. Hmmm, perhaps your Bliss staff had an even bigger effect on you than you suspected.

  2. P.S. I also love that wedding dress.

  3. I will have to look and find out. Maybe for their 50th Anniversary or her next birthday we could make up a bouquet. I think these are really neat, even if a blitzier than I would carry myself. – ABE

  4. Jenny says:

    that’s funny. i just bookmarked the same thing like four days ago! great minds…


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