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Summer in Taos

Jul 29, 2009


I love gardens planted by real people. Don’t get me wrong, I also love gardens planned and maintained to perfection by professional landscape designers. But, there’s something about a garden planted over time by a home gardener that speaks love to me. The way the garden seems to always be evolving as time allows, the slight imperfections in the design, the obvious effort taken to create the garden…all a testament to our love of getting our hands in the dirt.

A couple of summers ago we stayed in River’s Edge Guest House in Dixon, New Mexico. The quaint house sits at the edge of the Embudo River and you can hear the water rushing by as you sleep. The owners had taken care to create a lovely little rock garden in front and we enjoyed eating dinner on the front lawn each night. Succulents and ornamental grasses grew amongst alyssum, hollyhocks and lamb’s ear.


Several days we drove 20 minutes north to Taos and enjoyed relaxing strolls around town. I was especially taken by the gardens carved out of every nook and cranny outside shops and casitas.







  1. This looks so charming! I’ve never been – it’s on the long list of places I need to go visit one day.

    thanks for the comment today.


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