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Remembering A Special Phenomenon

Mar 11, 2010

I love this picture…not just for the flowers, but for what else is going on in the background. When I saw the picture I was reminded of a phenomenon I experienced several times during wedding weekends as a floral designer.

Theresa7 art with nature Tell me if you can relate, florists…

After several days of preparation, anticipation and a relatively* high stress level, I loaded the flowers in the van and headed across town to the wedding. The wedding was all I had thought about for days and all my energy was focused on the job at hand. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a strip mall filled with people enjoying a leisurely Saturday…wearing flip flops, grabbing a Starbucks latte, laughing with friends with not a care in the world. The contrast to my level of responsibility made me want to slow down, hang my head out the window and yell, “Hey, don’t you realize it’s Jane’s wedding day?!” 

On another occasion, I remember stopping my van full of wedding flowers to pay respect to a funeral procession passing by. I shed a few tears thinking that one life was ending and family members were mourning while another life was beginning a new journey as a husband/wife and family members were celebrating. The irony moved me.

So, in the picture above, I immediately noticed the beach is set for a wedding celebration…and it’s just another day at the beach for the surfers. This “phenomenon” helped me better appreciate the flow of my life…some days intense…some days relaxed…and made me learn to love them  both. I don’t think I would be happy experiencing one without the other.

*who am I kidding?

image: please, does anyone recognize this photo? I’ve lost the source and would like to give credit where credit is due! I believe it’s Art With Nature, but I can’t place it…



  1. High stress relative to what, exactly? Thank you for two days of yellow inspiration! I loooooove you!


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