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Raspberry Wine Wednesday

Nov 4, 2009

Besides the AMAZING color of these bouquets, they contain some of my favorite flowers. Can you guess my favorites?

0024-2details details

I think we all understand my obsession with hydrangeas!

(image via Details Details)


3959243021_82621aec85 denise little pheasant

This may be  my favorite dahlia of all time…and I’m sure you noticed another favorite of mine…the fern curl! 

(image via Little Pheasant blog)

For a real treat, check out Denise’s website!


gyorfi petal

Could these be ‘Black Magic’ or ‘Black Baccara’ roses? I think I also see raspberry dahlia petals…and, of course, fern curls! Now look really hard…see the CHOCOLATE COSMOS?!

(image via Petal’s Edge


pink roses robbie honey

Hanging amaranthus!!

(image via Robbie Honey)


upimage_1246895132_451fuller edgeLook at the color of those callas! 

(image via Fuller Edge)

So sorry that yesterday got away from me and I didn’t get to post. I decided to be spontaneous and take the kids after school to eat a delicious dinner of popcorn and Twix while watching this guy dance for 2 hours…mj_UltimateLIVE

Let’s just say if you went to high school in the 80’s, you’ll have a hard time sitting still…but then your other choice is to bust a move in the theater and, believe me, NO ONE wants to see that…

Thanks for stopping by the Brouhaha today!




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