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Ranunculus Part 2

Jan 25, 2011

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy…I’ve got lots of ranunculus to share with you! Today we’ll look at ranunculus in mixed bouquets…

18 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

199adad4aaadc433bd8a48d48e54c2d9 Boutwell Studioimage via Boutwell Studio

2078-550 designs by ahnimage via Designs by Ahn

156508_169476046420454_158679097500149_363489_6465570_n sarah winward flowersimage via Ea

4819231118_0787d5a0f5_b amy osabaimage via Amy Osaba

ACF5A7C stephanie fay photoimage via Stephanie Fay Photography

blog -0011 marlin munoz photoimage via Marlin Munoz Photography

cornaglia00122 style me pretty and blush floralimage via Blush Floral Design and Style Me Pretty

def midori ribbon.comimage via Midori

5076252818_dfcfc64747_z amy osabaimage via Amy Osaba

detail blush floral designimage via Blush Floral Design

DSC02680 small stump blogspotimage via Studio Choo

DSC_0163 altlier joyaimage via Atelier Joya

elizabeth-messina-wedding-18 style me prettyimage via Style Me Pretty

floral_03 quatre coeurimage via Quatre Coeur

IMG_0411 Ea, Sarah winwardimage via Ea

IMG_1445 hummingbird blogimage via Hummingbird

krystal-jonathan-15 missy photpimage via Missy Photography

saipua_christmas saipuaimage via Saipua

tiny white daisiesimage via Tiny White Daisies

5186659943_50df67162b_z (1) saipuaimage via Saipua

DSC_0010 small stump blogspot wimage via Studio Choo

kungpow_0005 w scott chester photoimage via W. Scott Chester Photography

EmptyVase image via Empty Vase

fleurology ad (1)image via Fleurology

blog-07 marlin munoz photoimage via Marlin Munoz Photography

holly chapple flowers and the bride's cafeimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and The Bride’s Cafe

DSC_1555_wm fleurologyimage via Fleurology

rebecca honeywell photoimage via Rebecca Honeywell Photography

cake topper soulflowerimage via Soulflower (this is a cake topper)

the daily petal7image via The Daily Petal

kateosbornephotography-8400image via Kate Osborne Photography

holly chappleimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

blush custom floralimage via Blush Custom Floral

blush custom floral 2image via Blush Custom Floral

Sorry for such a long post, but I bet you got a feel for how much I like ranunculus…

Here’s where we need some of you experienced florists to speak up. Yesterday, Von from My Fleur Journey left this comment, “I do think ranunculus are awfully sweet, but I am really frustrated with them!! Wanna ask you experienced florists out there, what is the proper way to condition them? I had such a hard time getting them to open to its full as the stems bent after 1 or 2 days for some reason…advice much appreciated!”

Anyone want to give some advice to Von? I always cut the stems with a knife, dip in Quick Dip and place directly in preservative at room temperature. I leave them out of the cooler to allow them to open and usually get them about 2 days before an event. Once they’re in an arrangement, you probably want to place it in a cooler.  Now, let’s hear what the rest of my florist friends do to condition ranunculus…don’t be shy!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I cannot get over that arrangement from Designs by Ahn!

  2. Also, and I am no professional, but can Von put the Ranunculus in a sort of hanging configuration? I’m thinking of the hole-y cardboard we would use to keep gerbera daisy stem from going all wonky.

  3. Beth says:

    yummy pics! I love Ranunculus, definitely one of my favorite flowers!
    For care, I always stick them in a tall vase (tall enough that the heads are only rising about 1-2″ above rim for support) with fresh water (no preservatives) and leave them out of the cooler until they burst open–about 1-2 days in warm weather, and then stick them in the cooler. Change water frequently to prevent rot.
    They just keep getting prettier and prettier as they open!

  4. Kit says:

    Holly Heider Chapple Flowers’ bouquet is my favorite! I also am no professional so I offer zero advice!

  5. Thank you so much for putting my question up here, Amy! And all the kind advices.. just bought 2 bunches yesterday and am trying the tips from Never a Plain Jane and Beth, fingers crossed!

    Side note: I thought I am pretty ‘hardworking’ in researching flowers and was quite happy with my flower library.. until I see your posts! I don’t think I have 1/5 of the inspirational photos as you do.. thank you thank you and thank you AGAIN for sharing everything so selflessly!

  6. Janet says:

    I inspect bunches of ranunculus thoroughly before buying them. If they have any mold on them at all I won’t buy them. Once I have them home I like to put freshly cut ranunculus in bulb food solution. I usually get 5-7 days out of them outside of the cooler and a few days longer if I’ve kept them in the cooler. It’s important to make sure that they don’t get damp, and have plenty of air space around the heads and stems so that they don’t develop mold.

    Anyway, I really like the arrangements by Sarah from Saipua. She really knows how to use ranunculus!


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