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Dec 12, 2016

Alicia Schwede, a Botanical Brouhaha Expert Panel member, floral designer (Bella Fiori) and fellow blogger (Flirty Fleurs), first got me thinking about the poinsettia as a beautiful addition to bouquets and centerpieces rather than simply the traditional potted plant available at Christmas time. She continues to push the envelope with stunning results as you can see in the first three images below. Thanks for the inspiration, Alicia!

Flirty Fleurs | Bella Fiori

Flirty Fleurs | Bella Fiori

Flirty Fleurs | Bella Fiori

Bella Fiori | Flirty Fleurs

Jo Flowers

Jo Flowers

Nature's Grace Design

Nature’s Grace Design

Atelier Bloom Bloom


Neill Strain Floral Couture

Neill Strain Floral Couture

Lambert Floral Studio

Lambert Floral Studio

Note: After this post was originally published, we received lots of emails asking for advice on conditioning poinsettia blooms to prevent them from wilting in bouquets. Alicia Schwede was kind enough to share with us how she conditions and designs with poinsettias:

“I cut them off the plant and place those stems into a glass of water and let them “sap out” – at least 30 minutes. Then I arrange with them – I do not re-cut before arranging as the whole goal is to get them to stop draining sap. Also, I hear people struggle with Poinsettias in arrangements and one of my questions is – do they place the finished arrangement into the cooler? Poinsettias should be treated like a tropical flower, they do hail from Mexico after all. They do not like being cold. I am unsure how they do in floral foam as I avoid using floral foam in my designs due to it being bad for the environment. If at all concerned about designing with them in a bouquet I would suggest water tubing the poinsettia and working that into the center of the bouquet.”




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