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Jan 12, 2010


ACFCA MILLIE HOLLOMAN …always adore these old zinc pots…peach tulips add a hint of color to the neutral palette of white hydrangeas and scabiosa pods…

(image via Millie Hoffman Photography)

12jpg-8e-2f023a sasha souza …perfect for a green wedding…such a unique botanical pew end decoration…

(image via Sasha Souza Events)

tiff11 salt harbor …also love these turquoise Ball jars hung from ribbon…

(image via Salt Harbor Designs)

BrendaMatt_139 …hydrangeas, roses, bouvardia and geranium leaves in a cut glass jar continue the garden theme of a wedding held at a winery…

(image via Life Mosaics)

Hope your week is off to a great start! Thanks for stopping by today…



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  2. I love love love the botanical pew end. You could just do so much with it – a pine cone and cinnamon sticks in winter, a cluster of berries and/or roses in summer, glass ornaments filled with whatever! The possibilities are truly endless and the look would still be so clean.

  3. Those are beautiful. I’ll let you make up whatever you want if I ever get married! I’m thinking maybe neutral colors with a little green or dark purple… But you are the boss! 😉 -ABE

  4. the zinc buckets just kill me!1 I love them. the mix of rustic with the flowers is perfect!!


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