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Only Roses

Apr 30, 2010

…probably my favorite way to enjoy roses…no filler…no distractions…

1-kendraandjim-blog0013 lane dittoe image via Lane Dittoe

3941508218_3432635b9c_o caroline tran image via Caroline Tran Photography

a100515_win04_ylwsqrsf_xl martha stewart image via Martha Stewart

ACF6F8 millie hollomanimage via Millie Holloman Photography

GetInspired_SlideShow_21 rountree flowers image via Rountree Flowers

uploaded-file-03673 lilac & lily image via Lilac & Lily

Have a great weekend and I’ll meet you back here next week with more flowers…



  1. What are the roses in the first photo? They are just breathtaking!

  2. Not sure…maybe ‘Pacific Blue’, ‘Avant Garde’ or ‘Sterling’…but I love them, too!


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