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More Calla Bouquets

Dec 15, 2009

My first post on calla bouquets continues to have traffic several times a week…so I thought I might show you a few more…

33 mint blog

…looks like ‘Flame’ callas to me…reminds me of the sunset…

(image via Mints)

bouquet-215-lg petals galore …love this mixed calla bouquet…cheerful ad happy…

(image via Petals Galore)


kaufman-bridal-bouquet beautiful blooms …soft and romantic…white and blush pink…

(image via Beautiful Blooms)

saavedra small-58 copy lathon photography …a bold mix of golden yellow and eggplant callas…

(image via Lathon Photography)


w01100501 julie mikos photography …simple white calla bouquet with a gorgeous handle…notice how a great photographer makes a bouquet look even more beautiful…the background adds a great artistic flair…

(image via Julie Mikos)



… been saving this picture a long time…just love the color combination…deep aubergine and lavender mist…

(image via Lanielizabeth)

Callas are still favorites of mine for monobotanical bouquets. I think they’re exquisite as a stand alone variety…in volume…and more is always better (in my opinion)!

I, personally, prefer monochromatic calla bouquets. I would love to know what everyone else prefers…one color or mixed?

Thanks for visiting the Brouhaha today! Have a great day…



  1. Never A Plain Jane

    December 15th, 2009 at 10:36 am

    MMMMM callas. These continue to be my favorite flower. They are so stately and, well, just plain delicious. I’ll have to get you photos of Jenny’s work at my reception. She made my calla dreams come true. I also remember the wedding show we did where you made a bouquet of dark purple mini callas. Oooo, do you have photos of that? Kit’s mom made those lovely little cakes and you surrounded us with purples and whites. Gosh, now I’m all pumped about callas and days at Bliss. What a nice start to my day.

  2. Jenny

    December 15th, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    I had a nightmare about callas last night. I dreamed I got in half white and half dark purple but needed all purple. Emily took a Sharpie to the white and was like, “what? It’ll be fine.”

    Anyway, have you seen this designer…love


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