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Mar 11, 2014

Today something crazy happened…a first for me! Today was the first day I’ve ever forgotten to publish my blog post for the day! I’m completely swept up in the Chapel Designers NYC 2014 Conference and it has rocked my world. I can’t wait to tell you all about the amazing floral artists and industry greats I’ve met. So, here is today’s post a full 12 hours late! Hope you enjoy it anyway. Promise to post as usual tomorrow morning!

mirrored purplehydrose blushdesignsny dot com

Blush Designs

mirrored Gatsby-Wedding-pearls-feathers karen tran jeremie barlow photo

Karen Tran and Jeremie Barlow Photography

mirrored DSC_3487 by appoinment only design

By Appointment Only Design

mirrored clarice_hubert_0764  Stephanie Williams photo and nancy liu chin

Nancy Liu Chin

mirrored DSC_0024  white lilac

White Lilac Inc.

mirrored c_s_wedding_hr_0150$!400x  cabo floral studio and  Amy Bennett Photography

Cabo Floral Studio and Amy Bennett Photography

mirrored 1209120_707087799317230_1087565163_n zest


mirrored 1146629_573478316041977_29382144_n primary petals

Primary Petals

mirrored 363 by appointment only design

By Appointment Only Design

mirrored 935334_10151575532244660_812871093_n stoneblossom

mirrored 13.maynard575msepe2013cc stoneblossom

Stoneblossom and Maghan Sepe Weddings

mirrored Lake_Louise_Wedding_P36 backhash flower.artistry and orange girl photo

Flower Artistry and Orange Girl Photographs

mirrored marietta_weddings candice k photo

Candace K Photography

mirrored vase golf06-04-11fixed13 tantawan bloom

Tantawan Bloom

Mirrored-Treasure-copy1 eddie zaratsian

Eddie Zaratsian

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Tante Mali says:

    Hi Dear, it’s as always a very special eye candy!
    Thank you for sharing it


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