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Midori Addiction

Aug 14, 2009

I have a bit of a ribbon hoarding problem. I have boxes and boxes crammed with ribbon organized by color in my studio. Midori ribbon is to blame for this addiction! I just can’t resist the names Midori uses to describe their ribbon colors…bisque, muse, blush,latte, mandarin, nectar, blond, heliotrope, storm, fawn, oyster, mink…who could resist?

2009 08 14 001crop2

Some days I think I should have been a Midori rep…I could sell this ribbon with passion!


They’ll even print your business logo or personal message on their ribbon.


bandingmid You can find gift wrapping ideas on the Midori website. Believe me, people are impressed when you show up with a package wrapped like this. No one has to know you cheated a little… 


Love these favor bags and labels…and that ribbon with the logo on the spool…there’s just something about that “M” that gets me.


I love these idea pages. Look at the Midori website to see more idea pages organized by color palettes.

My personal favorite: 2 3/4” double-faced satin ribbon in any color.

P.S. I forgot to tell you my favorite hydrangea after my hydrangea post last week: Hamburg Blue/Green

Enjoy your weekend!




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