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Memorial & Sympathy Flowers

Mar 5, 2015

funeral memorial service the nature of things 10365985_740806089344704_5106180896122050127_n

The Nature of Things

funeral casket spray 14871_10151431533628413_886926676_n la petite fleur

La Petite Fleur (casket spray)

funeral sympathy tribute wreath hothouse design studio 10806309_908954539122805_7295931614063814983_n

Hothouse Design Studio

funeral (tribute) for a painter 383619_10151400988373413_887539478_n  la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur (tribute for a painter)

funeral flowers to be by bree 10277640_10152370201444508_6912696694560309245_n

Flowers to be…by Bree

funeral (tribute) 307660_10151401029203413_706751848_n la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur

funeral tribute piece for a fisherman red floral  architecture 1622013_841250392568338_574349121_n

Red Floral Architecture (tribute for a fisherman)

funeral 1184908_10151900898883413_82697354_n In honor of a 'Queen of Scrabble'grandma who loved to take the kids to Twins games. la petite fleur

La Petite Fleur

(tribute to a ‘Queen of Scrabble’ grandma who loved to take the kids to Twins games)

funeral casket spray 563798_192395310908097_426145653_n lock cottage flowers

Lock Cottage Flowers (casket spray)

funeral 540686_10151651178693413_1275974855_n la petite fleur

La Petite Fleur

funeral memorial wreath the nature of things 10418350_740809976010982_3570626983049197016_n

The Nature of Things

  1. Kari says:

    Thank you for posting these! I do A LOT of funeral work, but don’t feel like it’s something I should post or people would want to see. But at the same time, it’s some of my best work. A conundrum. That fish is incredible!


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