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Nov 29, 2017

Are you familiar with Lunaria (aka money plant, honesty, or silver dollars)? If you’re looking for a neutral material to add interest and movement to an arrangement or bouquet, the papery membrane of the Lunaria pod with its beautiful silvery sheen may be a good choice. And a couple of bonuses – it’s long lasting and available year-round. Use it in a monobotanical design or mix with with dried/fresh flowers. If you’re feeling particularly creative, incorporate Lunaria into a larger structure or suspended design. We’re awe-struck by Solabee Flowers who wove it into a stunning curtain used as a ceremony backdrop (pictured below).

Lunaria, waxflower and cymbidium orchid bouquet designed by Cultivated by Christin


Lunaria wreath designed by Eve Floral Co

Eve Floral Co

Lunaria, cyclamin and foliage arrangement by Hart Floral


lunaria wreath designed by Heather Page

Heather Page

Lunaria cake topper on gold leaf drizzled naked cake by Just Cake photographed by Julie Cahill Photography

Just Cake | Julie Cahill Photography

Lunaria, white peony and garden roses bridal bouquet designed by Meg Catherine Flowers

Meg Catherine Flowers

Armload of lunaria held by Moss Floral Design

Moss Floral Design

Lunaria Sally Pinera Photography Siren Floral Co Chloe & Mint

Siren Floral Co | Chloe + Mint | Sally Pinera Photography

Bunch of lunaria wrapped in brown paper by Sinclair & Moore

Sinclair & Moore Events

Bridal bouquet of lunaria and pale pink flowers designed by Solabee Flowers

Solabee Flowers

Open-sided wreath of lunaria and dried foliages designed by WILDHEART Maui


Before and after shots of lunaria curtain constructed by Solabee Flowers

Solabee Flowers



  1. Adri Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very good and nice Idea to give a large view of Floral Design and Floral Decor.
    Such creativity and inspiration!

  3. Amy, who is a good source for Lunaria?


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