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Lounging on the Lawn

Nov 16, 2009

Remember the days when a wedding was followed by a cake, punch, nuts and mints reception in the church parlor? Ok, that was a while ago and I’m sure many of you don’t even know what I’m talking about. Weddings have come a long way since then. Mints  and nuts were really no incentive to stay at the reception for more than an hour. Now we have parties that last well into the night and often resume for brunch the next day…so you can get comfortable because you’re staying a while!

0605_Redfield_W0372details details

…pink tufted chairs on the lawn…just seems like you’re getting away with something that you would have gotten in trouble for as a kid…

(image via Details Details)


177785 stoneblossom …love those huge flower balls and all the white leather furniture…guess if the party lasts past your bedtime you could sleep right there on that chaise…

(image via Stoneblossom)

Glad to have another week with you all! Thanks for stopping by the Brouhaha…




  1. Em says:

    mmm those are fabulous!


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