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Long Party Tables

Mar 24, 2011

9ee442c5d205ba75514eb22ebfa4fb8d boutwell photoimage via Boutwell Studio

image4 bellaflora 1image via Bella Flora

IMG_3289 soulflowerimage via Soulflower

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slide5 david kurio designimage via David Kurio Design

 9_r6 ariella chezarimage via Ariella Chezar

101_durango1 ariella chezar and lisa lefkowitzimage via Ariella Chezar

long table salt harbor designsimage via Salt Harbor Designs

How do you feel about these long, long, long party tables? They make quite an impact…

Happy Thursday!

By the way, for those of you who contacted me about the design books yesterday, thank you! Watch for the Working Designer post next Wednesday for the first book giveaway. And, Suzanne, I’ll try to include a list of design books that have proven particularly helpful to me in that post next Wednesday. Thanks for your comments!



  1. Suzanne says:

    Thanks … looking forward to it! Working Wednesdays are my favorite. :o)

  2. Jenny N says:

    So dramatic! Love. I like the one closed in by the hedges.

  3. Mimi says:

    Love the orange Davis Kurio tablescape. Wouldn’t mind being at that table.

  4. I do love the look of long tables. Even those with a more casual feel maintain something regal. But, in practice, I hate them. You are just so limited to the four or so people seated right by and across from you. With circular tables or rows of tables for 12 to 20 people you can talk to the people across, beside, and (forgive my poor etiquette) behind you. Plus can you imagine the dismay of guests seated at the end farthest from the bride and groom? They must feel so slighted. So yes, long tables, are elegant, and dramatic, and just really beautiful, but I’ll take the small tables anyway.


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