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Let’s Pretend…

Jan 27, 2010

…you’re planning a wedding reception or party for friends. Do you prefer…

…a daring palette of vivid color?

0686_wang michelle rago image via Michelle Rago, Ltd.


…or a clean, modern, mostly neutral palette?

joe-latter-detailsdetails-090917_0005 details detailsimage via Details Details


…or a fun feminine palette?

centerpiece-3911 martha stewart blog image via Martha Stewart


Would love to hear your thoughts…

On a side note: Yesterday Janice asked where she could find a Midori ribbon retailer. You can go here and choose your state to see a list of retailers near you. Good luck!



  1. Jenny says:

    oooh–i love the last one. so pretty.

    when I’ve purchased midori retail, this is the site I used..supr quick and cheap shipping.

  2. The third setting reminds me of the birthday party that you gave me at your house with the cool lime green flower arrangement. Our party was better, of course!

  3. Yes. Just yes. I’d really love to do something based on a peacock feather. My actual reception was pretty nuetral because the venue was so rich and my husband is so…well, we needed to have nuetrals. I’d love to try my hand at the other palletes pictured, though. I say we throw a quarterly party and pursue a new pallette everytime.

  4. P.S. Thank you Amy and Jenny! You are the the best.


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