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Large Arrangements

Feb 17, 2011

A while back a reader asked me to feature some large arrangements…so I did. When Von, from My Fleur Journey, read the post she was kind enough to send me some great photos she had collected of large arrangements…some suitable to use as altar arrangements…others great as reception pieces. Since she was saving them for her own inspiration, she had not documented sources. I’ve kept the images for a while hoping to discover the designers behind the photos…with no success. I feel the designs are too wonderful not to share. So…I’m going to post them today and, please, if you recognize one email me or leave a comment. I would love to credit these designers! Here’s what Von sent…

_MG_5515s my fleur journey …this one was created by Von

195358934_ac24511b6c_o emailed from My Fleur Journey origin unknown

516085052_6ee8832ac4 emailed from My Fleur Journey origin unknown

3368528245_d1f39ab2df_b emailed from My Fleur Journey origin unknown…three images above…origin unknown…

Here are a few more I love…

Alysha entrance arrangement heavenly bloomsimage via Heavenly Blooms 

Masino Monoky Weddingimage via Beautiful Blooms

JaynesForHala_0016 bella floraimage via Bella Flora

slide3 david kurioimage via David Kurio Designs

EmptyVase image via Empty Vase

slide6 david kurio designs.jpg1image via David Kurio Designs

Thanks, Von!

Anyone want to name a favorite?



  1. That tulip and orchid arrangement is really neat! And I also like the last one. It’s always fun to see combinaions and arrangements that you haven’t seen before.

  2. Jenny N says:

    Those David Kurio designs are insane! Who pays for those? That’s what I want to know.

  3. flirty says:

    wow, I’m not familiar with David Kurio Designs work.. think I need to visit their website. Very unique work!

  4. Um yes, I will happily name a favorite – that last one!!!!!

  5. Nina says:

    Nina G loved all these BIG arrangements! I look forward to your blog everyday.

  6. Eeeeeekkkkk!! Always feel so honoured and excited when featured on your blog, thanks!! Sorry about not being able to identify the designers behind the arrangements.. if only I knew you when I first started collecting photos for inspriations, then I will know how to save and credit them properly!


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