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It Was Scary…

Mar 25, 2010

As I was writing my blog post for Tuesday, my screen suddenly went blue. Since I know so little (and don’t really care) about computers, I didn’t panic until I took the computer to my husband and he said, “Oh…that’s the Blue Screen of Death…” Well, to make a long story short, after many “procedures” and a lot of holding my breath, I got my computer back today! I was surprised how unconnected I felt and how much I missed interacting with you through this blog!

So, let’s enjoy some flowers together…

ACF44B3 stephanie fay phoography …doesn’t get any more beautiful than this…peonies, sweet peas, roses and parrot tulips…

image via Stephanie Fay Photography

So glad to be back! Thanks for visiting today…



  1. Hummingbird says:

    Apart from the on/off button, there’s little more I know about computers so I understand how you feel! Lovely photo there.


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