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Nov 12, 2012

iris5 lilac and lily

image via Lilac and Lily

207267_10150261042550130_9604940129_9203613_7623175_n black irises pollen nation uk

image via Pollen Nation (yes, those are tiny black irises)

6a00e552795b9d8833017ee3bfe2be970d-800wi karen wise photo

image via Karen Wise Photography

383384_404374659594596_107142992651099_1237423_316616523_n love n fresh

image via Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

543328_10150964000238011_26356666_n isha foss

image via Isha Foss 

600584_394644323906127_1150724200_n  ladybird poppy floral design

image via Ladybird Poppy Floral Design 


image via JW Blooms and Courtenay Photographic

IMG_1164 DENISE fasanello

image via Denise Fasanello

iphone 783  helen olivia

image via Helen Olivia 

tumblr_lqlec5kuB11qd0zwuo1_1280 nadia di tullio

image via Nadia Di Tullio 

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  1. Alicia says:

    Sometimes I think you read my mind! Today I was looking for some purple flowers inspiration!

  2. Mimi says:

    I love iris blooms. They’re not easy to incorporate in arrangements due to their unusual shape. I love them best simply en masse in a lovely vase.


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