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Hellebore Care + Conditioning

Jul 13, 2020

Handful of purple and mauve hellebore stems tied with twine and laying on a table

Janne Ford Styling + Photography


  • Pick stems when the seedpods have developed in the center as picking them prematurely will cause them to wilt quickly. (Click here to see how flower farmer Jennie Love spots blooms at the perfect stage for harvesting to insure a long vase life)
  • “A very mature bloom will hold up, nearly unscathed, out of water for an entire day, lending itself to wearable creations such as boutonnieres, corsages, and flower crowns.” (from Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden)
  • Recut stems (consider using a knife instead of clippers to keep from pinching the stem which helps with hydration)
  • Floral Artist Francoise Weeks treats stems with Quick Dip 100 instant hydrating treatment to increase water uptake
  • Place stems in a bucket of fresh water
  • “I keep hellebore in the cooler where it can last a very long time if the seedpods are well developed,” says Francoise Weeks.


  • 5-8 days

Hellebore headress on female model

Passiflora Studio | Makeup by Merideth | Hair by Brook Nangle-Hafer

Moody painting-like vase of hellebore blooms on an emerald green sideboard

Swallows & Damsons | India Hobson Photographer

Paula Pryke (hellebores from Paula’s garden)

Ashley Fox Designs | Native Ribbon Co.

C E Á R R | Richard Photo Lab

Jessica Zimmerman | Erin Wilson Photography + Videography | B. Matthews Photo

Petals at Bibendum

Blush Floral Design | Stefanie Kapra Photography

Susan McLeary | Trend Summit 2020 | Blue Magic Greenhouses Ltd | United Floral Wholesale

The Floral Reserve

Pale green hellebore boutonnieres with black ribbon stem wraps sitting on tiny gold bowls

Steelcut  Flower Co | East Made Co | L. Hewitt Photography

Bridal bouquet of plum hellebore, rice flower, and hyacinth tied with a pale blush silk ribbon and sitting on a white chair

Amanda Steele Flowers | Bertie & Fred

Crock packed full of mauve and green hellebores on a white side table in from of a masonry wall

Janne Ford Floral Styling + Photography

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers | Maria Mack Photography

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