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Heavenly Hyacinth

Feb 28, 2011

4285597368_8734dcdfd3_o inspiration   photographyimage via Gabrielle Loves

Nothing is more wonderful than spreading bunches of hyacinth blooms on the work table …

tumblr_kzn1lseCmh1qb3edao1_500 its mary ruffleimage via It’s Mary Ruffle

…in preparation for creating an arrangement…

03 michael georgeimage via Michael George

hyacinth empty vase

…send this one to a friend…from Empty Vase

”Beautiful violet Dutch hyacinth and fresh green grass arranged in our new line of decorative French boxes” – $169.00

image via Empty Vase

ODH_832-1 mondo floral designsimage via Mondo Floral Designs

pic27 Paul Hawkins Flowersimage via Paul Hawkins Flowers

ptmk-0454 beautiful bloomsimage via Beautiful Blooms

Hyacinth florets are great for stringing into fragrant strands…

hilary miles flowersimage via Hilary Miles Flowers

isari flower studio3image via Isari Flower Studio

solomon bloemen11image via Solomon Bloemen

hilary miles flowers3image via Hilary Miles Flowers

jacqueline ahneimage via Jacqueline Ahne

Love hyacinth as much as I do?

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!




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