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Gloriosa Lily

Jan 19, 2010

gloriosa_lily …strongly reflexed, wavy-edged petals…available in red, yellow, pink and purple… can last up to two weeks with proper care…available year-round…

image via Winifred Wikkeling

1 JL Designs…cymbidium orchids, lime celosia, magenta tulips and gloriosas…oh, how I love that crested celosia with the gloriosas…

image via JL Designs

bouquet-126-lg petals galore …gloriosas and bear grass loops…like the modern simplicity of this bouquet…

image via Petals Galore

sc_13 waterpondlily…a red gloriosa lily boutonniere…exotic…

image via Waterlily Pond 

bouquet-127-lg petals galore …gloriosas and yellow callas…gorgeous…

image via Petals Galore

sophie-3-web petal pusher …a unique combination of gloriosas and succulents…

image via Petal Pusher

Did you know the gloriosa lily is the national flower of Zimbabwe? I’m jealous…




  1. Em says:

    I did not know that. How interesting. I would love to know how people manage to make bouquets with succulents. Twice when I have potted them they just fall to pieces before I can get them in the soil!!!


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