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Giving Baby’s Breath A Chance

Jul 23, 2010

Well, after our little exchange yesterday about fillers, I just had to write a post about my least favorite filler…Baby’s Breath. Definitely don’t like it as a filler…but pretty great by itself, I must admit…

6a01127918a34b28a40133ed17ed35970b-800wi baby's breath kissing ball holly chapple flowers…as a kissing ball…

image via Holly Chapple Flowers

3338337799_e29ac14936 inspiration photography…as a centerpiece…

image via Gabrielle Loves

bb11 branching out events…as a bridal bouquet…the handle “makes it”…

image via Branching Out Events

img_3005 adrienne dunde photoimg_4049 adrienne gunde photo…as bridesmaids’ bouquets…

image via Adrienne Gunde Photography

madelinecoby_117 harvey design…as a garland…with a little added hydrangea…

image via Harvey Designs

santaynezvalley jose villa…with dupioni silk ribbon…

image via Jose Villa Photography

Still don’t like Baby’s Breath as a filler…but like it used alone…especially with the dupioni silk ribbon! You’re thoughts?

P.S. Anyone else noticed that Baby’s Breath doesn’t smell like a baby’s breath?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Wouldn’t we consider the non-comparable smell to be a good thing? Ususally their breath smells like warm, leaning-towards-turning milk. And that’s fine for a baby, but I’m not so sure if it’s desirable for a bouquet… I did once have a lady tell me that she would wear perfume that smells like puppy’s breath if someone figured out how to make it. Weird.

    I actually agree that Baby’s Breath does look good alone. I like the last image and the kissing ball. I think that without a really nice handle wrap it tends to look pretty casual though.


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