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Giving Alstromeria a Chance…

Sep 29, 2009

…’Cool Water’ roses and alstromeria in a gift box ready for delivery…


…this is one of only two times I can ever remember using alstromeria in an arrangement…removing all the foliage and using tight blooms gave it a slightly  different look which made it a bit more appealing, but I’m still not a huge fan…still, I feel obligated to give every flower a chance!


Here’s the other time I used it…alstromeria with a cuff of ti leaves hand-tied with a jute wrap…

I suppose I’m not crazy about this flower because it seems overused, but it has some great qualities. Alstromeria has a long vase life, comes in a large array of colors and is very inexpensive.

Ok, who loves this flower and is a little upset with me for being negative about it? Just trying to be real…



  1. I view alstromeria the same way I do carnations. Volume makes up for just about any other flaw. I really like the tiger-esque striations inside the petals and think that when bunched together it has an almost exotic look to it. Besides, flowers in the home have been proven to lift spirits and at $2.99 a bunch, alstromeria (or carnations) can lift my spirits for roughly 20 cents a day. Works for me.

    I could never be upset with you for being hard on a flower. Let’s look at my track record with roses.


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