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Garden Roses

Apr 9, 2010

When consulting with brides, it always shocked me how many people genuinely dislike roses. I guess because they are so commonly used in arrangements…and, in my opinion, poorly used in many cases…people just get tired of seeing them.  You know, you’ve seen the roses with black spots on the petals…the roses that last one day after you buy them before the petals begin to drop off…the roses with long stems and drooping heads amidst a sea of Baby’s Breath. I wouldn’t like them either if those were the roses I commonly experienced.

I love roses! I love full blown roses with high petal counts. I love sweetheart roses. I love spray roses. And I love garden roses…

09_00009 floraliimage via Florali

12 garden roses JL Designsimage via JL Designs

0015 maggie conley photoimage via Maggie Conley Photography

28bARIELLAimage via Ariella Chezar

ACFDFDC Lisa Lefkowitz Photography and Ariella Chezarimage via Lisa Lefkowitz Photography and Ariella Chezar

giacanali-lucky-3613-333x456 gia canaliimage via Gia Canali

 The key to loving roses, for me, is finding interesting varieties that are FRESH….which means finding a grower, supplier and seller who values quality and won’t settle for a rose in less than stellar condition.  The floral designers featured above are at the top of their games…and I hope you can see the difference it makes. How could anyone not like roses after seeing these stunning arrangements?

Hope you have a great weekend! Love that you visited this week…



  1. Hummingbird says:

    Roses are to die for, I do agree. The more wild & field-like, the better in my opinion! Beautiful images you have there. Enjoy your weekend x


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