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Forget The Car, Give Me Flowers

Oct 30, 2009

It’s pretty gloomy here today and my morning got off to a great start with the ‘Check Engine’ light coming on while I was taking the kids to school. Let’s just say I wasn’t smiling when I got back to my desk…until I opened up these photos! You just can’t look at these fun, happy shots from Fuller Edge and not smile…

upimage_1250975349_877fuller edge

Look at that Reserved card! And the pink fan! And the hanging pomanders and the modern shot of the bouquet on the WHITE leather sofa (see my post from yesterday for more on my love of white) and  the locket and…

upimage_1250975711_929fuller edge

…the paper lanterns in shades of kiwi, raspberry and cherry blossom…

Thank you Fuller Edge for cheering me up today! Maybe I should take a couple of your photos along when I get the bill for the engine repair this afternoon…

Hope you all have a great weekend… with lots of sunshine and cars that run!




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