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Nov 13, 2012

198920_10150141905416165_805436_n sasha souza

image via Sasha Souza 

6a010536cd7992970c0167639ad34b970b robertsons flowers

image via Robertson’s Flowers 

22626_244710532323811_1881432889_n flret flower farm

396690_204750219653176_1087345546_n floret flower farm

images above via Floret Flower Farm

217900_143517142459459_1470875372_n divine floreal

image via Divine Floreal 

255658_167885693274029_2445795_n laura kuy flowers

image via Laura Kuy Flowers 

377688_498635516831282_1828735463_n floret cadet

image via Floret Cadet

396560_280438735351499_1839574323_n wish social events

image via Wish Social Events 

408121_334094493280073_142513459104845_1087369_129318160_n kathleen deery designs

image via Kathleen Deery Design 

485205_309060625826827_195814317151459_774676_1141034636_n true florette

image via True Florette Floral Design 

3943502_orig botanique

image via Botanique 

6711144471_325a5fe62c_b amy merrick

image via Amy Merrick 

b81 simply bloom photo and chic weddings in italy

image via Simply Bloom Photography and Chic Weddings

Four Seasons 26.05.2012 (4) rid tuscany flowers dot com image via Tuscany Flowers

IMG_0059 bloomersflowers.blogspot

IMG_0061 bloomersflowers.blogspot

images above via Bloomers Flowers

IMG_0243 carrots, brussels sprouts, string beans, okra, purple peppers, asparagus, cabbages, sage, mint, rosemary, roses, dahlias, nasturtiums  dietician weddig holly chapple

image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers 

jagstudios-0163 datura

image via Jag Studios and Datura 

6a0120a5914b9b970c015392b67358970b-800wi  florali

image via Florali 

MG_6276-682x1024 blush floral studio

image via Blush Floral Design 

Happy Tuesday!




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