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Flowers, Surfing & Yoga With Peartree Flowers

Oct 20, 2015

I’ve seen a lot of flower workshops over the years, but never one quite like the one Liza Lubell of Peartree Flowers has dreamed up. I’m sharing her workshop with you today not only because it’s an amazing opportunity you might want to take advantage of as a designer, but also because Liza’s idea might inspire you to dream outside the box and take chances that are personally fulfilling. Often times, we try to emulate the successful endeavors of others because we find our own creativity smothered by the fear of failure. If someone else has successfully executed an idea, we feel safe trying it. If we have a dream all our own, the what-ifs and doubts plague us and often times we set the idea aside. As you read about Liza’s workshop, consider taking some time for yourself and attending this epic workshop. The experience will no doubt be an inspirational  time to reflect, dream, rest, learn and recharge. What would it look like in your own life if you were able to combine your passion for flowers with other personal passions in order to serve and inspire others?

Here’s Liza’s workshop story…


Liza has been visiting the sweet town of Nosara for 5 years, a magical town she’s come to call a second home. Her enthusiasm for collaborations and her love of this Costa Rican community has finally married into a memorable curation of flowering, macramé, surfing, and yoga with an inspired group of teachers.

Your days will start with morning vinyasa in the jungle taught by the incomparable Emily Shapiro – A Nosara yoga darling. The yoga classes will focus on awakening your creativity for afternoons of flowering. You’ll spend a portion of your afternoons learning about Costa Rican flowers and making, making, making. November marks the end of the rainy season in Costa Rica which means the jungle is lush to boot. You’ll get to forage for materials, learn how to incorporate tropicals into signature organic, lush arrangements, and work directly with local Costa Rican flower farmers to find “the good stuff.”


In addition to classes with Liza, you’ll learn from famed NYC florist Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm, whose work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, Elle, and NYMag.

This is where the workshop takes another unique turn…

Portland, OR macramé artist Emily Katz will be on hand to teach her craft which happens to be a beautiful, original way to display your floral pieces. Her aim is to not only share her love of this simple craft, but also inspire people to be better versions of themselves.


And , there’s this…

peartree workshop5-2

…Surfing! Liza took her first surf lesson with Andrew Delgado in 2011 and has never looked back. He now runs the Tico owned Surf School Agua Tibia in Nosara which consistently receives glowing reviews from happy surfers. Liza would be remiss to offer a workshop in Nosara that doesn’t share the pure happiness surfing has brought to her life. The retreat offers 2 lessons with Agua Tibia though Liza highly encourages you to take more.

For more details on the workshop and lodging, click here.





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