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Jun 28, 2010

_DSC9608 wild at heart nikki tibblesimage via Wild at Heart

8 ahnimage via Designs by Ahn

candles-small michelle rago Ltdimage via Michelle Rago Ltd 

jmw018 jen krollimage via Jen Kroll Photography

image via Wild at Heart

kelseyandkarl136 the treasured petalimage via The Treasured Petal

marisarobert17 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

JP Flowers 137s My Fleur Journeyimage via My Fleur Journey

The picture of the arrangement floating in the pool reminds me of a funny incident. We were doing the flowers for a poolside engagement party and the hostess wanted several floating arrangements in the pool. We created three “floaters” and got to the site to set up. We placed the arrangements in the pool and they would float to the side over and over. The desire was to have them stay put in the middle. It became obvious to us that we would have to tie them to the drain in the bottom of the pool. I was wearing a skirt and sandals…not exactly swimming attire. Time was ticking and I was getting a little flustered. Then one of the guys who worked at the estate had an idea. He said, “I’ll be right back…let me run to my truck!” He disappeared through the hedges and returned…in scuba gear! He jumped in the pool (in the scuba gear!) and tied the floating arrangements to the drain in the bottom of the pool. I still owe that guy!

Sometimes, with all the planning in the world, you just can’t foresee every obstacle…

Welcome to a brand new week of flowers…thanks for stopping by…I appreciate you so much!




  1. Jenny says:

    SO pretty. the first one and the one with all the white and glass are my favorites.

  2. Too much gorgeousness!! N very funny story there.. AND I made it on the list, woho!!!


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