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Finishing Touch…The Vase

Jul 24, 2009

A couple of things I don’t care for in the flower business…baby’s breath as a filler and stock florist vases. In my mind, if a customer is willing to take the time to order a bouquet and pay a professional designer to create it, then he or she deserves an interesting vase. The vase is the finishing touch to a bouquet and can be the detail that says, “A lot of thought went into this bouquet made especially for you.”    


DSC_0003 (2)edit

I love this thick elliptical  glass vase from World Market. Submerged lily grass and callas add interest to the bouquet of ‘Terra Cotta’ roses, ‘Hawaii’ callas and hypericum berries. The mother who received this bouquet from her daughter will certainly be able to use this vase again.

My favorite vase hunting destinations? TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning and private estate sales.




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